Educational and scientific research

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Educational and scientific research:

Northeast Yucai, as an experimental key school, has completed more than 10 educational experiments which were accepted by Educational and Scientific Research Institutes and were subjects of high evaluation. The "Secondary Gifted Education Experiment" was awarded the second prize in Shenyang’s "75" Education and Scientific Research, the first prize in Shenyang’s "85" Education and Scientific Research; the "Multi-media and network teaching experimental study" was awarded the first prize in 2001 Liaoning province’s "95" the Outstanding Educational and Scientific achievements. In 2000, the first session of the National Scientific Research Courses Program-building workshops was held in Yucai. In 2000 the Northeast Yucai’s Scientific and Education Research laboratories was established. In 1998 and 2001, the school was named Advanced Education and Scientific Research Units in Liaoning Province.
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