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Yucai mourns its alumna died in Boston Blasts

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Recently, all the students and faculty of Northeast Yucai School were shocked by the death of our alumna who was killed in the Boston Marathon bombings, everyone mourned for the victim. The deceased was one of our graduates on 2008. After her graduation, she was admitted to the Beijing Polytechnic University and majored in international commerce, and then was recruited by the Boston University to further her postgraduate study in Statistics. During her study in Yucai, she performed well academically, and was easy-going and good-mannered. Her nice personality left a deep impression in her teachers and classmates’ mind.

Soon after the booming took place in Boston marathon on 15th April, victim’s roommate and family lost the contact with her. NEYC Alumni Association in North America started the searching for the victim immediately via telephone and Twitter (Weibo), and prayed for her safety at the same time. After the grievous news was proved, everyone expressed their condolence in different ways. NEYC Alumni Association hopes oversea Yucai alumni all the best here.

NEYC Alumni Association

    April 17, 2013

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