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Northeast Yucai School International Division is founded in 2002, it is the first public international division authorized by Liaoning Provincial Education Department. It is the major entity of the internationalization development strategy of of Northeast Yucai School.
The number of teachers and students in International Division is 260. For students’ demand of language, Chinese, English, French and German sections are established to provide elementary to senior high quality international education to oversea students and children of foreign staff in Shenyang. Since the establishment of International Division, valuable foreign student education experience has been accumulated, multiple choices have been provided for graduates and many of them have been enrolled by elite universities such as Qinghua University and Peking University.
一、Academic Character
Based on the differences of students’ personalities and developmental expectations, we accordingly supply:
1.Various Instructional Forms
In order to fulfill each student’s needs, we apply mixed instructional forms which combine with individual ability-oriented instructional reorganization and tutorship. We advocate and emphasize the students’ individual development and respect their aptitudes and personalities.
2.Individualized Class
The less than 20 student class size allows us to motivate and arouse an enthusiasm for studying in the classes. And we ensure every student’s personality and study expectations are taken into our consideration.
3.Outstanding Students Access to Other Education Resource
Supported by high quality education resource of NEYC Education Group, our school authorizes our outstanding international students the chances to experience other excellent education from other divisions of NEYC as long as they are qualified in language and reach the academic requirements of other divisions.
4. Tsinghua and Peking Univercity Individual Tutorship
An examination guidance team with professional and experienced teachers from senior high provides individualized study assistance schemes and tutorship for examinations.
5. Scholarship
The Scholarship system branches into primary, junior high and senior high with different award categories and prize amounts so as to motivate and appreciate the hard-working students.
6.Free option to be boarders or non-boarders
二、Curriculum System
In order to cultivate students' independent learning habits and arouse learning interest, we set up a curriculum including academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities, based on the inquiry learning model. Through the combination of these two curricula, we can cultivate students’ integrated qualities of thinking, connecting, communicating, self-managing and researching. By combining the curriculum system and the Talent Education philosophy, we aim to help nurture the students to become outstanding individuals with the ability of independent learning, critical thinking, analyzing, innovating and cooperating, with both national and international perspectives, and social responsibilities.
Academic curriculum mainly includes six areas: languages, mathematics, social studies, science, art and P.E.
Besides the teaching languages, such as Chinese, English, French and German, we also offer Japanese, Korean and Spanish as optional second language courses. Some other tutoring courses such as HSK, TOFEL are also provided to meet students’ further needs of entering colleges.
Physical education includes soccer, roller-skating, pingpong, shufflecock, badminton, taekwondo, Chinese martial arts, rope skipping, aerobics and swimming, etc. Art courses include three categories: music, fine arts and Chinese culture. For our music courses, along with the conventional subjects, we also offer courses such as dancing, chorus, drama, harmonica lessons, piano lessons, recorder lessons and so on. For our fine arts courses, we offer crafts, pottery, collage, applied art, Chinese painting, stick figure drawing, wood painting. For our Chinese culture courses, we offer Peking Opera, paper cutting, calligraphy, art of tea and checkers.
三、Students’ Activities
The activity curriculum in International Division is mainly divided into five categories: culture, art, academic, sports and home-school interaction. The cultural activities include “The World Cultural Exchange Week”, “ The National Festival Experience Day "," Culture Education Trip "and the environment protection, world cultural heritage protection activities, which provide students to learn, understand and respect different cultures so as to cultivate their sense of international responsibility.
The art curriculum could inspire students to create and promote the cross- country communication in the process of cooperation among subjects of music, history, language, art. Sports activities such as School Sports Games, Soccer Tournament and Chess Competitions are beneficial for students’ physical abilities teamwork and mentality.
Academic activities combine scientifically with subject education with the emphasis of students' comprehensive ability of knowledge application.
The division has a professional and international team. There are 71 Chinese and foreign teachers. Foreign teachers that accounted for 50% are from 9 countries: the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, the Philippines and Sweden. All the teachers have good educational backgrounds .They all have bachelor degrees; more than 50% of the faculty has master's degrees. Four of them major in TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) and five of them in Chinese literature, five of them had been invited as experts by National Office of Chinese for providing professional training to local Chinese teachers around the world.
五、Various community activities
To cultivate students’ leadership and educate world citizens with both national and international perspectives, our school established various weekly communities for the students. The community activities include Chinese traditional culture appreciation, seal cutting, pottery, film and music appreciation, basketball etc.
There are 83 graduates in seven semesters. All 28 graduates who attended Entrance Examination in China entered Chinese elite universities, 19 graduates went to Tsinghua and Peking University, and 1graduate went to Waseda University in Japan.
七、The Facilities
The International Division of Northeast Yucai is located in Hunnan Campus . It has high-quality education resources, which includes Advanced Science Labs, Ecological Science Base, Art and Sports Centers, Psychological Consulting Rooms, Tea-Art Room, Pottery Room, Architectural Design Rooms, and Car Driving-simulation Laboratory. Meanwhile, Yucai cooperated with Chinese Academy of Science and established Robot Science Laboratory, Life Science Laboratory, Material Science Laboratory, Software Engineering Laboratory and other high-tech digital laboratories.
八、Student Services
1. Accommodation:
There are double room and triple room of dormitory for selection. They are equipped with air conditioning, the refrigerator, the independent toilet, 24 hour hot water bath room and public laundry. School provides 24 hours security and cleaning services. For boarders school also provides 3-hour self-study and tutorship.
2. Transportation 
School provides bus service for non-boarders. There are four routes of 18 stops in downtown of Shenyang with four teachers on each bus.
3. Visa service
School provides international student registration, enrollment, visa and residence permit commission service for the international students.
The school welcomes parents to visit the campus, hopefully our campus tour guides give you an informative introduction about our school.
For more information, please call 0086-24-23780225

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