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Provincial Exemplary Senior High School Re-inspection on NEYC

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Northeast Yucai School received the re-inspection on provincial exemplary senior high school on 18 September. The inspection group including 6 experts from Education Department of Liaoning Province was accompanied with vice-director of Shenyang Education Bureau, Ni Zuo and section chief of Elementary Education Section Ⅱ, Lu Na. Vice-director of Shenyang Education Bureau Mr.Ni,Principle Gao made presentation to the inspection group first.

Vice-Director Ni Zuo said, senior high school standardization construction, management specificity and characteristic development in a long run will be the education developmental mainline of senior high schools. During this process, provincial exemplary senior high schools take the responsibility for exemplary and leadership, I believe, as the provincial exemplary senior high schools, Northeast Yuaci School will phrase in a new strategic stage.

Principle Gao made a remark in the report, “recently with the emphasized developmental topic of innovation, schools consistently innovate its talents cultivation system and optimize its educational ecology of superior creative talents growth. By multi-elementary stage construction, Schools will strive for satisfaction, adjustment, guidance and development for every individual potential.”

Inspection group accessed to the school profile and records, attended classes with students and visited the campus. By the end of this visiting, the inspection group highly complimented the great achievement made by the school.

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