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All Faculty of International Division Celebrating Mid-Autumn Day

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    On 29th September 2012, the festival atmosphere pervaded the whole international division. Chinese and foreign teachers altogether celebrate the Chinese Traditional Festival – Mid-autumn Day.
    This year’s Mid-autumn Day was the first local Chinese festival that all the new foreign teachers celebrated together this semester. Therefore, Chinese teachers prepared exquisite cuisine of both Chinese and western style and organize various activities for the get-together party. All the foreign teachers felt warmth and our hospitality during the activity. Best wishes and greetings from the leaders of Northeast Yucai School were conveyed by Director Dongyang Wang and Deputy Director Ying Chen of the international division. 
    This activity enhanced the understanding between both Chinese and foreign teachers. Meanwhile, it provided a broader stage for foreign teachers to understand and blend in more with Chinese culture.

                                                                                        Mid-autumn festival faculty activity 1

                                                                                      Mid-autumn festival faculty activity 2


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