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International Division Characteristic Class Observation Day

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    For better demonstrating the feature in the classroom management of four sections in the international division and facilitate the communication in the homeroom teachers’ group, the international division organized “Characteristic Class Observation Series Activity” since 2011——2012 academic year. Every semester, outstanding classes of last semester are selected to hold a Thematic Class Observation Day. All homeroom teachers will spend a day and observe all the regular activities organized in that class.
    On 27th September, the first Characteristic Class Observation Day of this semester was held in Chinese Primary 1-2.
    The theme set for this day was “Good Friends”. The homeroom teacher led students to read about friendship in both English and Chinese. This was beneficial for students to enhance their abilities of reading comprehension and the understanding about friendship. In the class meeting, the home teacher, Ms Gong, inspired students how to get along with others politely and friendly through well-designed activities, such as rhymes recitation, greeting cards making and games. All of these strengthen the unity and cooperation in the student team and give them a better understanding of friendship.
    For the rest of the semester, there will be more classes from Chinese, English, French and Germany Section join in this activity. Exchange and collision of eastern and western style of class management, will broaden vision of our teachers and improve our management in the classroom.

                                                                                 Characteristic Class Observation Day1

                                                                                  Characteristic Class Observation Day2

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