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The international section held welcoming party for its new students

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    This semester, more than 20 nest students joined the international section. To help them quickly get used to the Yucai life. The international section students’ development office organized a series of activities, which include a guided campus tour followed by a welcoming party.
    On the ninth of March, all the new students visit all the featured classroom and facilities in the campus. They are strongly attracted by the story of Yucai when teacher told history of the school in the School History Museum.
    On the following day, a welcoming party was held in the international communication activity room. In the meeting, heads of different office of International Section all share some welcoming words with students. Homeroom Teachers’ representative Su Zhen gave an brief introduction of the school. Students from student union shared the Yucai life and their own experience with the new students. To make the new students feel at home, all the speeches were translated to English, Korean, Japanese and other languages.
    After these activities, students have a better picture of their new school, and feel proud to be a part of it. They are all looking forward a happy and fruitful school life in the future.

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